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PHIGs IMC services are business oriented – not technical. That means I am the one you want to discuss business and information management issues and draw up new and improved workflows. It means I am NOT the one you want hammering away at the keyboard coding and configuring. I work with business, functional, and some non-functional requirements. I.e.: I’m one of the design and biz architecture types.

Enterprise Content Management Implementation – Implementation strategy, Info Mgt Subject Matter Expert, Info Mgt Business Analyst … I do all these things. I’ll help you figure out what the new bits should be, who gets the new bits first, and what bits they’ll get. Then I’ll help design the bits. And sometimes I’ll tell you you just need to do better with your existing bits.

Information Architecture – Basically, I help you organize your content so that it can be used more effectively and efficiently. This involves structuring repositories, figuring out content types (not file formats), defining metadata and security models, and sorting out retention requirements.

Vendor Selection – Before you run off and choose a technology you need to know what you need. I help you do that. Then I help you choose the vendor that best matches your needs.

Sage Counsel and Advice – My expertise is in information management and business analysis – the kind that makes your business more efficient. It means that when you build a new website I’ll remind you to pay attention to the regulatory and privacy issues, and work with you to make sure they don’t get in the way of doing good business. It means that when your ECM deployment isn’t the toast of the town I’ll come in and help you figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. I’ll also help you figure out where you’re wasting time, effort, and money.

Business Analysis & Business Process – Everything from business and functional requirements to improving business processes is fair game.

Workshops – Wanna put the PHIGs to work? I’ll come in and help you work through them and we’ll get your info under control. I also lead and facilitate metadata, taxonomy, and business process & analysis workshops.

Writing – Blog posts, white papers, case studies … If you don’t have the time or expertise, maybe I do.

Speaking – I can talk about pretty much anything related to managing information. I can use stuff I’ve already got or work up something new. I definitely prefer a dialogue or panel over just standing up and blathering on for a while.

Project Management – Nope. Not even under duress. Look, I’m a really good BA, SME, and consultant that knows a lot about information management and information governance; I’m a barely adequate PM.

Technical & SharePoint Stuff – Remember that disclaimer you read in the About section of this site? This is where “we” applies – I engage others to work on the technical and SP stuff.

Get in touch –  I promise not to pester you unless you ask me to, and I’m not gonna give your info to anyone without your consent.

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