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This is a collection of stuff that I’ve put together over the years. As time moves on I’ll be adding to it. I hope you find it useful and I’d love to get your feedback.

Presentation: On Feb 5, 2020 I and some others had a discussion about Information Governance during the monthly Calgary SharePoint & Office 365 User Group meeting. Here are the slides.

Video: During Boxworks 2016 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Box regarding my thoughts on Information Governance.

Presentation: These are the slides from my keynote at the IRMS 2016 Conference in May 2016. I also did the same session via web, at inForum in September. Only the logos and hashtags were different.

Video: On September 16th 2015 I spoke about innovation at an event co-hosted by Box and their partner, Skyhigh Networks. Here’s the video of my presentation. Due to unforeseen circumstances (ran out of memory), the last few minutes are cut off.

Presentation: The slides for the presentation mentioned above.

PHIGs Explained: This paper provides a semi-detailed overview of the Principles of Holistic Information Governance.

WhitepaperThe Next Generation of ECM, a July 2015 whitepaper that I wrote for Box (no pitch, no registration). It lays out my thoughts about the coming changes in the ECM market, and those changes are being driven by EFSS.

Case Study: A university had a failed ECM implementation. The issue was not related to the ECM platform. This is the final report (delivered in 2015), with identifying information removed. ECM Assessment Report. I had proposed an alternative solution based on a cloud content management platform. However, because of concerns about data residency, the client elected to not even have the solution presented in the report. In my opinion, their concerns were based entirely on FUD (fear – uncertainty – doubt) and completely unwarranted.

Case Study: A client selected SharePoint as their ECM platform. This report, from 2015, contains some general advice for them – Managing Information

Presentation: This is a copy of my PHIGs presentation at the ARMA Canada conference in 2014. Note that I was working with Digital Clarity Group at the time – PHIGs ARMA Canada 2014

Presentation: This is a copy of my presentation at the AIIM International conference in 2014. The presentation is a case study, based on a client that had started out with a records management project and applied the PHIGs for a more holistic Information Management angle. Note that I was working with Digital Clarity Group at the time – PHIGs AIIM 2014

Presentation: In 2013, while I was at OpenText, I presented my predictions for the coming year to the Edmonton chapter of ARMA Canada. It’s a very tongue in cheek take on all the industry prediction posts that come out each years.

Presentation: This presentation, from 2012, was to an Info Mgt Community of Practice, hosted by the Canadian Federal Government in Edmonton. The topic is impacts of cloud and BYOD on Information Management. I was working for OpenText at the time.

Sample Template: This is a template that I created back in 2004 or 2005. It’s based on a template (based on FRICE – look it up) that Deloitte used for SAP projects.

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