Disclaimer: When you read “us”, “we”, “our”, and the like, take it with a grain of salt. PHIGs IMC is just me, but when I need to I engage experts (companies and independent consultants) that are really, really good at what they do. Besides, if this section was titled “About Me” you’d think you were on a dating site or something.

PHIGs Information Management Consulting (PHIGs IMC) is an independent consultancy focused on helping organizations realize maximum value from their information assets. We work with corporate and public sector clients in North America and Europe. Our belief is that information is, arguably, an organization’s second most valuable resource, but that it is under-leveraged and under-managed. In an effort to help organizations leverage the greatest value from information, the PHIGs were created.

PHIGs IMC is based in Alberta, Canada; airplanes and the internet mean we can be where you need us to be.

The logo that failed – the image below was created as a bit of a joke, instigated by someone on twitter. They said that I ought to create a line of PHIGs t-shirts, so I did (I sold exactly zero). Anyway, here’s Mr. PHIGs, a sorta mascot.

Eat Your PHIGs

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