Process Definition – A Little Help

Taking a pointer from Laurence Hart, I’ve decided to post something that people can (I hope) actually use in their projects.

Over the last few weeks there’s been lots of “material” about process management / definition / modeling that has caught my attention. So, I am going to do my little bit by simply putting out a couple items that have served me well over a number of years.

You can download the completely editable file here (Workflow Definition Template v1). All I ask is that if you’re going to bash or change it let me know so that I can make changes to the originals. If it’s of value to you, great. If not: A) I don’t care; or B) Be cool and let me know what improvements are needed.

This bit lays out the approach that I use when starting off workshops. It’s based on a JAD approach and assumes that we have the right stakeholders attending.

Process -> Workflow -> Activity Hierarchy

  • Process  –  a series of related workflows that produce value for an organization
  •      Typically involves multiple roles & multiple business units
  •      E.g.: Corporate Procurement
  • Workflow  –  a series of related tasks required to complete a portion of a process
  •      May involve multiple roles & multiple business units
  •      E.g.: Process Purchase Request
  • Activity  –  a single piece of work that must be completed in order to allow a workflow to progress
  •      Involves single role & single business unit
  •      E.g.: Initiate Purchase Request

What we Address

  • Identify task objectives
  • Identify inputs to the task
  • Identify task steps
  • Identify task outputs
  • Identify task Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Identify task roles
  • Identify decision support requirements (What information is needed to make decisions about this task? What subsequent decisions will be made based on the results of this task? What authorizations are needed for decisions?)

The template hasn’t been updated in a while, but I do still use it as a starting point. Feel free to leverage it however you see fit, just let me know how you’ve changed it.

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